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tumblr is like egypt nobody understands us and we worship cats

And our language is images.



Ok can we talk about how masterful that last pun was


Top Gear S19E03

Jezza’s Scotland impression.

I’m curious, how does one impersonate a country? I mean, yeah, he’s almost fat enough….

Anonymous asked
Thank you for answering my question. Now I see where the problem lies, it seems it's not about the opinions per se, it's about how exactly you voice them. Being as nasty as you I wouldn't be surprised and frustrated about receiving hate mail (it's always better to discuss than simply lash out on somebody). And yes, reading comprehension is a special skill, especially in a language that is not your mother tongue. Forgive me for trying. Have a pleasant day!

Yep, of course, I’m the nastiest bitch in the fandom. Thanks for your opinion. And I treated it with the respect that any anon opinion deserves, which is absolutely none. *shrug*



this is literally the greatest subtitling job that has ever been done. someone learned how to speak cat.

*laughs irl*

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Anonymous asked
Regarding your rant: I'm not sure I follow, but I'd like to understand you, that's why I'm asking: what is exactly wrong with fangirling all over the place (under the pics of offensive British car show presenter)? If you get to voice your negative opinion, they get to post whatever they want - why the butthurt? And screw hate mail! Cheers!

No, you don’t follow, you missed my point entirely. I DON’T get to post my negative opinion on those posts without wank and hate mail. So technically, you should be asking the fangirls why I can’t do that, not the other way around. And I’m not “butthurt” (what an idiotic term, btw), I’m frustrated. A world of difference, but as you seem to have comprehension issues, I’m not surprised


If you’re watching a show for a ship, you’re watching it for the wrong reasons

This line of thinking needs to die. It is only ever trotted out to shame and belittle same-sex pairings.

No one tells people watching Castle for Castle/Beckett that they’re watching for the wrong reasons. No one tells people who want to know which brother the chick from The Vampire Diaries will end up with that they watch for the wrong reason. 

But if it’s a same sex pairing, then you’re wrong and not a true fan and I am experiencing Hulk levels of rage just writing this. 

If I wanna watch a show because maybe the guys I like will have some romantic sounding dialogue, or the girls will hugs for a couple of seconds too long and stare at each other hopefully when the other isn’t looking, then damn it, that’s why I’m gonna watch. 

Stop telling me I’m wrong to want to see same-sex couples and ships.